The Student Leadership Program is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring young theatre professionals to gain real world experience. Serving as the Marketing Director for two concert series gave me the confidence to network with professionals and taught me responsibility and creativity. Since NYMF, I have gone on to plan the social media agenda for an entire season for a thriving up-and-coming musical theater company.

Fatima Cadet- Diaby, 2014 Student Leader

Student Leadership Program

Building the next generation of musical theater producers and practitioners. 

The NYMF Student Leadership Program (SLP) provides training and mentoring to students interested in careers in musical theater. NYMF accepts applications each spring from both undergraduate and graduate students, ultimately selecting a group of student leaders. They are assigned roles of producer, director, music director, casting director, marketing director, or stage manager – depending on their areas of interest – under the mentorship and supervision of Festival staff.

NYMF provides both a production budget and the Festival’s technical resources to underwrite an original concert devised and assembled by the SLP team. In addition to the students serving on the creative team, the concert is entirely written and performed by their peers.

NYMF strives to include students from as many schools as possible in the SLP and gives students the chance to forge meaningful relationships with their peers at other institutions. Recent SLP participants have hailed from Harvard University, New York University, Stanford University, Pace University, University of Notre Dame, and several other institutions.


We are seeking a producer, director, music director, marketing director, casting director, and stage manager to produce and curate two concert presentations of original work as part of the organization’s 14th Festival.

This is a non-paid, part-time position that will require working from home in addition to meetings with the NYMF staff. School credit is available.

We are looking for motivated, imaginative, and outgoing undergraduate and graduate students who want to be a part of an exciting NYMF tradition.

Participants must be team players and should be available from mid-May through the end of July for work on the project. All applicants must either be currently enrolled in school or have graduated within the last year. If selected, Student Leaders must be available for rehearsals on weekday mornings and evenings from July 17th-July 27th and performances on Friday, July 28th & Saturday, July 29th.